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Toby Atkin-Wright ([personal profile] tobyaw) wrote2016-02-29 08:11 pm


On the train to London at the moment, for a few days of work. Does anybody fancy meeting for dinner in or near Shoreditch this week? I’m around until Friday.

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I have no evening plans this week and have to pass through the city to get home.


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Typically, I've just found that I need to be in Brighton on Thursday afternoon for a fitting for my wedding suit - but it's early afternoon so I should be back in London by "after work", so along as the trains are running reasonably well.

Our food requirements are exact opposite - I need meat with an absence of vegetable, although I'm with you on the quiet enough to be easy to converse. I don't know of anywhere offhand (I travel through London twice a day but seldom stop there to eat) and haven't been in the Shoreditch area since I stopped taking flying trapeze classes at the Circus space some years ago, so have no idea what eateries there are.

Which isn't much help at all really.


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Lists quite a few places in the Shoreditch area. We can probably find something that works for both of us.


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We need to settle where and when to meet.

I'll be coming into London on a train from Brighton to London, so should reach Old Street tube station between just after 5pm and just before 6pm.

So shall we say about 6:15 to be on the safe side?

Where should I head for to meet you?


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Great - I'll meet you at the hotel. That way you aren't waiting around outside if I'm delayed.

I've never had Vietnamese but it looks like there's several dishes on the menu I'd be willing to try.

I'll have your mobile number with me, but don't expect a call unless I'm stuck at a station somewhere than there's a working Pay'phone. The concept of having a mobile has never appealed.