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Toby Atkin-Wright ([personal profile] tobyaw) wrote2016-03-01 11:04 pm

Big Finish

Away from home for a few days, and my entertainment of choice is catching up with some Big Finish audio plays. I only buy them when they’re on offer, but I’ve amassed quite a collection over the years, and there is satisfaction in knowing that they keep producing drama to such a consistently high standard.

And it is a pleasant escape from the mass of miserable-looking people, to be able to wander around Shoreditch of an evening, headphones on and a smile on my face.

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I've been a fan of Big Finish since 2004, when I first heard Paul McGann's Doctor (yes I missed the TV movie - not sure how!) in Chimes of Midnight. Have had a few 6 monthly subscriptions since, but tend to build up a backlog of audios, so not so much now.

As well as Doctor Who I really liked the Sapphire & Steel audios they did, and am working my way through the older Bernice Summerfield ones, picking them up in sales.

Chimes of Midnight is still my favourite though.

I've currently got the new Torchwood audios waiting to be listened to. And River Song. And I subscribed to the David Tennant audios. Oh dear, more backlog :)