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Is there any point to BCS (British Computer Society) membership?

I’ve been a member since forever (MBCS CITP), but the fees are high and have been increasing at a rate far ahead of inflation and wages. I’m finding it hard to see any professional or personal benefit from membership.
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I don't see much benefit from my membership. Perhaps if you're an active member in an active area; but that probably means a big city (and I suspect Dundee doesn't count).

The best thing I've had out of the BCS was a book (which I bought, but it was a BCS book) on IT for managers which was at a good introductory level for legal stuff like Data Protection.

Dundee BCS

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There are a few interesting evening talks in the year in Dundee ... but since they're all open to the general public, not much point in remaining a member!

I am still a member, for now, and went along to the AGM - at which I discovered that even committee membership doesn't require BCS membership, except for certain roles, making the membership almost entirely meaningless.
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Never been a member. Largely because I never found a good answer to that question...

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Ihave no idea, not being a computer person, but it sounds like my question, from years ago, about being a member of the Library Association - and I haven't missed my membership sicne I gave it up in the early 90s