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Toby Atkin-Wright ([personal profile] tobyaw) wrote2017-06-06 08:33 am


We use a Harmony universal remote to control the hifi and TV at home. But recently the button to turn the volume up has stopped working.

I found the amp remote, put some batteries in it, and now I can turn the volume up. But the volume down button on the amp remote has stopped working.

Currently we need to use two remotes to control the volume; one to turn it up and the other to turn it down. So much for making life easier.
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[personal profile] clothsprogs 2017-06-06 08:37 am (UTC)(link)
Buy a replacement remote? I managed to find replacements for both the knackered TV remote and the ancient digi-box remote (witht he latter we discoverd that the remote hadn't been working properly since it was new)